Auger_Torque_SouthAfrica Auger-Torque drills with high Torque

When fitted with an auger or post hole digging attachment, the Avant machine becomes the ultimate digging machine.

Fitted to the front of the machine, drilling width options range from 100mm to 900mm and depth from 1.2metres to any depth you require by simply adding on extensions to it.

Also used as a post hole driver, these attachments have their own independent planetary gearbox drive system providing high levels of torque enabling us to sell this machine and attachment in South Africa as a high powered drilling machine with a capacity of up to 300 holes per day with ease.

Augers can also be adjusted to drill at any angle (360 degrees) including straight up thanks to adaptors that can be fitted to the auger drive.

The relative lightness of the machine combined with its articulation allows to go almost where with minimal surface damage and is  another big advantage of this combination.


Auger_Torque_SouthAfrica Auger-Torque drills with high Torque

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