AVANT SA were the first to introduce articulated loaders for “Bin on the Ground”  back in 2007
Since then many machines made their way into orchards across South Africa. The concept brings savings during harvest time with handling of bins in orchards and speeding up time fruit gets into storage.At AVANT we listened to customers needs and the “Smooth Drive” system was developed by AVANT Tecno Oy Finland. This feature is unique to AVANT loaders and is explained in detail below. It is a game changer for the industry.

Bin_on_the_ground_AVANT_attachment_1 Bin On The Ground

The AVANT 528 – Best selling compact articulated loader worldwide.
The AVANT 530 now also available with 2-speed wheel motors which enable speeds up to 19 km/ph. Both models available with optional  “Smooth Drive”
This means getting the job done faster.

Bin_on_the_ground_AVANT_attachment_1 Bin On The Ground

The AVANT 745 – This loader is the very well priced now and with more operating weight especially on slopes brings more stability. Also available with 2 -speed wheel motors in the AVANT 750 model which enable speeds up to 25km/ph. Both models can fitted with optional “Smooth Drive” The 700 series machines has higher flow rate for attachment like mulches to be used between rows.

Bin_on_the_ground_AVANT_attachment_1 Bin On The Ground
Bin_on_the_ground_AVANT_attachment_1 Bin On The Ground

AVANT Loaders Now with Opti-Drive Transmission & Smooth Drive Boom Dampening System

  • Another first from AVANT

Avant was the first manufacturer to design and utilize such a system in a compact loader. This system has proven to be very effective, offering lots of pushing power and yet enabling a very compact design to the loader while maintaining an extremely low center of gravity, which is an important part of the great stability of Avant loaders.

The principal benefits of the new Optidrive™ are:

  • 10% better performance
  • 60% less hydraulic connections
  • 20% less hoses
  • Parking brake in rear wheels
  • Less heat build up
  • Less engine vibrations in Avant 700 series
  • Better hydraulic connector system
  • Better servicing
  • Better Performance
Smooth Drive System
Smooth drive is a shock absorber system for the boom. It consists of an accumulator which absorbs and eliminates boom movements and makes driving considerably smoother and more stable when driving at high speed with a heavy load. Driver comfort is much better with this option especially driving all day on rough terrain.
The system also limits the amount of bounce to the load being transported. For instance when transporting fruit bins the damage to fruit while driving over rough terrain will be minimized. 

The machine must also be equipped with both boom self leveling and boom floating.

Bin_on_the_ground_AVANT_attachment_1 Bin On The Ground

Full 36 Month Warranty l Country Wide Support
Gauranteed Parts Delivery Within 7 Working Days – Imported from Finland
Track Record with References Since 2006
Sold in More than 50 Contries since 1991

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