AugerTorqueTrencher Compact Auger torque TrencherWhen the Avant machine is fitted with a auger torque trencher attachment, it becomes a very popular machine with companies here in South Africa having to lay fibre optic cables and irrigation hoses.

It is able to dig narrow trenches in hard reach places because its size and articulation. Trenches can be as small as 150 – 300 mm in width and up to 1.2metres deep.

There are dedicated high oil flow ports (hydraulic outlet) on the Avant machine to run this high flow trencher attachment.
This simple fact makes this machine a very powerful yet compact versatile trenching machine compared to the traditional trenching machines whose services are limited to trenching only.

Because of the large selection of attachments available, the Avant machine can be more than a trencher. Click here to see more attachment options.


AugerTorqueTrencher Compact Auger torque Trencher

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