avant_sorakauha_6 Mini Loader aka Compact Loader

Avant South Africa import these machines which is also referred to as mini or compact loaders because of their size. The largest machine produced by Avant is 2.5 tonnes (800 Series) with a lifting weight of up to 1.9 tonnes and this machine can be transported on the back of a normal LDV truck or on a trailer to where you need it to work for you.

This compact loader is a world’s first designed by Avant pioneering the industry with this compact articulated loader and is available in South Africa since 2007. The articulation is what allows the machine to go into tight spots and jobs but also being able to use it on sensitive surfaces such as lawns, golf courses or other sensitive surfaces where Skidsteers are problematic because of their drive system (tracked) that will damage these surfaces.

Avant machines score high in the weight advantage compared to the heavier Skidsteers in the same class and size due to industry leading engineering.

The attachment range for the Avant Mini and Compact Loaders reaches 170 options making it an incredibly versatile machine for a variety of industries ranging from landscaping, farming, mining and rental companies.

 View the massive range of attachments for you needs here.



avant_sorakauha_6 Mini Loader aka Compact Loader

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